Type Definitions


Object which contains context information.
  • Object
Name Type Description
to_confirm Array.<String> Array of parameter names to confirm.
confirming Sting Parameter name which Bot is now confirming.
confirmed Object Object which contains confirmed parameters. If you want to retrieve confirmed value of "date" parameter, access
heard Object Object which contains heard parameters which are waiting for beging applied.
previous Object Object which contains conversation history in the current context.
archive Array.<Object> Array of previous context.
previous.confirmed Array.<String> Previously confirmed parameter key. It does not include skipped parameter due to condition.
previous.processed Array.<String> Previously processed parameter key. It includes skipped parameter due to condition.
previous.message Array.<Object> Array of message object exchanged so far.
previous.message[].from String "bot" or "user"
previous.message[].message MessageObject Message object sent or received.
previous.message[].skill String Skill in which this message was sent.
previous.event Object Previous event
intent intent Intent object which contains various information about current intent based on response from NLP.
skill Skill Skill object currelty applied.
param_change_history Array.<Object> Change log to revive skill instance in the next event.
sender_language String Automatically detected ISO-639-1 based code of the senders language.
translation String Translated text of current message.
_message_queue Array.<MessageObject> Array of messages to be sent.
confirming_property Object Information about confirming property.
Name Type Description
parameter_key String Parameter key which properties belong to.
parameter_type String Parameter type which properties belong to.
to_confirm Array.<String> Properties to confirm.
confirmed Object Confirmed properties.
_digging Boolean True when digging.
_parent Array.<context> Array of parent context.
_in_progress Boolean Flag to indicate if bot is currenty processing an event from this user.
_flow String Flow applied to current event.
_pause Boolean Flag to pause.
_exit Boolean Flag to exit.
_init Boolean Flag to init context.
_switch_intent intent Intent object to switch skill.


Object which contains intent and related information.
  • Object
Name Type Description
id String Intent id.
name String Intent name.
parameters Object Parameters found in the sentence.
text_response String Text response to the sentence.
fulfillment Object Object to fulfill the action.


Custom event to start conversation from Bot.
  • Object
Name Type Description
type String Event type. This is always "bot-express:push".
to Object Object which contains destination information.
Name Type Attributes Description
type String Type of reciever. Supported values are "user", "room", "group".
userId String <optional>
User id of reciever. Required if to.type is "user".
roomId String <optional>
Room id of reciever. Required if to.type is "room".
groupId String <optional>
Group id of reciever. Required if to.type is "group".
intent intent Intent object to be applied in this conversation.
language String ISO-639-1 based code of the sender's language.